Rhody Parade 2022 Saturday May 21

This year we will have a pickup truck we will decorate with song leaders riding in it.  You can walk behind and play and sing OR be in clusters along the route and pop up and join in.  Cluster at Aldrich’s on Lawrence,  in front of Germaine’s at 411 Monroe Street or by the Grandstand on Water Street by the VFW.  Bring your own chairs, play along as we pass by. 

The day of parade we will send out an email with our staging location Uptown
11:30-12:30 Show up to help decorate truck with Rhodies 
1:00 Parade begins
Route starts Uptown on Lawrence by Fire Station
Turns on Monroe then on to Water St.  Ends By the Cotton Bldg.

We will play three songs.  Memorize or print out.  
We will have some for people to wear on their backs so other’s can see.  

Parade Songs

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