Rendezvous September 21, 2019

Grace Lutheran Church1120 WalkerPort Townsend WA Schedule:  11:00– 11:30          Starting Time: Set-up/ Registration               11:30 – 12:30           Uke Lab:                                                       Practice For Beginners Chord Progressions:       Barbara KurlandSanctuaryEstablish a practice habit of chord progressions, hand yoga, finger exercises, basic strumming techniques and playing simple tunes to put it together. We’ll have fun learning simpleContinue reading “Rendezvous September 21, 2019”

April 20th Rendezvous

April 20, 2019 RendezvousGrace Lutheran Church1120 Walker St, Port Townsend PLEASE NOTE: DIFFERENT STARTING TIMES, STARTING AN HOUR EARLIER  10:30– 11:00     Starting Time: Set-up/ Registration           11:00 – 12:00     Uke Lab:                                        Practice for Beginners:                    Barbara Kurland                            Board RoomGet into the practice habit. This class will review hand yoga to stretch outContinue reading “April 20th Rendezvous”