Ukuleles Unite! News April 15, 2020

I hope everyone is safe and well as we hunker at home. Ukuleles Unite! continues to hunker down as well, until we know it is safe to come out and play.

April 1, Happy Hour
April 18, Aaron Keim workshop
May 16, Rhody Parade
To be determined:
June 18-Aug 3, Fountain Of Ukes jams, Thursdays 2:00-3:30.

Meanwhile there are many opportunities to participate in ukulele events online. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to Like our page on Facebook. I have been posting online workshops and stay at home concerts as they come up almost on a daily basis.

A few other opportunities:
Mike Bare from the Olympic Peninsula Ukulele Club of Sequim is doing weekly play alongs on Zoom. You can get on his email list for info at:
He sends out song sheets and a link to connect.

Craig Chee and Sara Maisal are doing a second free online Mini Ukulele Festival on May 2nd with lots of participating artists. I did the first one, it was great! Go to

Leonard Kaufer play alongs

Stu Fuchs, Jim D’Ville, Aaron Keim and many others are offering free lessons. Jake is giving weekly concerts from his home. Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz is doing a Zoom Open Mic. There is a lot going on! Again, check our Facebook page for info.

Lastly, I want to throw out a challenge for you. Record yourself playing a song and upload it to our Facebook page! All you need is a smart phone, prop it up, video, then upload your video to post on our page. Do you have a favorite song? Have you written a COVID parody? It will be our own little Open Mic! Let’s have some fun! Step outside of your comfort zone!

Let’s all keep in touch and stay tuned!

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