Ukulele Rendezvous October 19, 2019

Ukuleles Unite Rendezvous
October 19, 2019
Grace Lutheran Church
1120 Walker St
Port Townsend

(We need volunteers to help set up tables and chairs at 10:00 am)

A suggested donation of $3 requested for church rental

11:00– 11:30 Set-up/ Registration​​

11:30 – 12:30 ​Morning Uke Lab:​​​​​

Practice For Beginners Chord Progressions:​​
Barbara Kurland ​ ​          Board Room

Establish a practice habit of chord progressions, hand yoga, finger exercises, basic strumming techniques and playing simple tunes to put it together. We’ll have fun learning simple tricks for conquering B flat and playing with a group when you don’t know all the chords. For beginning players who know a few basic chords. Handouts provided.

A Potpourri of Tunes, Chords, and Techniques: ​
Mike Johnson            ​Sanctuary 

We’ll play some rock, some blues, some pop, and maybe another genre or two with some icing on the cake. Song handouts for both baritone and standard ukes will include regular chord diagrams and chord diagrams for playing “up the neck” on the fretboard. As well as singing and working on the chord positions up the neck, we will practice a few strumming techniques including muting, hammering, and rhythm patterns. This class is for players of all abilities but, especially for those desiring to expand their chording horizons. Guaranteed fun or George will give you your money back.  

Song Circle Session:
Patricia / Terri /  Debbie                        Social Hall 

Spookelele!  We will be singing favorite spooky songs from many different genres.  All levels welcome. Playing with friends is a great way to practice your chords. Either download songbook on your device or print copies for yourself. There will be a limited number available for $3.00.  Join us if you dare!
Click here for songbook:       
Spookelele Songbook

Doctors Uke Corner:​​
Multiple “Expert”                             Sunday SchoolRoom

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, got questions? Need picking or strumming help?   Need advice (related to uke playing of course)?  We have uke counselors or coaches standing by to help.  This activity has been asked for many times and now we are going to try to give you this opportunity  So come and join us.     

1:00 – 1:15​​ Welcome  Sing Along / Orientation            ​​Social Hall

1:15 – 2:15​​ Class  Instruction:  ​​​           

Beginning Ukulele 101:
Walter Vaux                                                ​​​  ​Board Room
We have loaner ukes!   

Walter’s class is for beginners, those who have never played a ukulele or for those who want a basic brush-up.  Walter will take you through how to hold the ukulele, how to strum, and how to play some easy chords.  At the end of the session, you will be able to play several songs and play them well.    We have loaner ukes.

• Be sure to arrive ten minutes early for tuning.
• It really helps to have closely trimmed fingernails

Stage Two Beginner  102:
Ron Rivas​​​​​                                            Sunday School

Ron picks a series of tunes that will help you build your skills and confidence playing in the keys of F, C, G, D, and A.  Most of the tunes will be out of the yellow Daily Uke book.  

Intermediate  103:
George Yount ​​​                                            Sanctuary      

At last there is an easy way to figure out which chords to play and when.   Using the tune Camptown Races as our test bed, George will lead you through the logic of how chords go together in familiar chord progressions.   With this knowledge you will be able to kiss all your sheet music goodbye and play by ear.   Well, almost….

Playing the Great Half-Remembered Songs:
Bruce Cowan    ​                    Social Hall

Working on songs from the twentieth century is a fun way to learn musical concepts and ukulele skills. The class will cover two or three tunes from swing, rock, pop, Broadway, folk, and blues. Sheet music is provided with standard notation, tablature, and chord forms for both ukulele and baritone ukulele. The class is meant for intermediate and advanced players who can confidently change chords in the common keys (C, G, F, D, A) and who might be ready to try playing melodies and new chord forms.

2:15-2:30​​​​ Refreshments/Schmooze​​​​ (please bring a snack to share)

2:30-3:00​​​​ Presentations and Sing-a-longs ​                                                ​
Social Hall​

All the classes will meet together where we will share one of the tunes you have learned.    Then, we will play the selected tunes of the month from our Yellow Daily Uke hymnal. 

Page: 98   Happy Together

Page: 209  Shine On, Harvest Moon

Page:  70   Don’t Worry Be Happy

Please help put away tables and chairs, thank you!

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