Rendezvous March 16, 2019

Rendezvous Schedule March 16, 2019
Grace Lutheran Church 1120 Walker
Starting Time:
11:00 Set-up/ Registration
11:30 Uke Lab:
*Practice for Beginners: Barbara Kurland Board Room
Get into the practice habit. This class will review hand yoga to stretch out the playing muscles, a How to Practice Guide, play I, IV, V chord progressions, learn a few strums and put it altogether with a simple upbeat tune. Handouts provided.

*Chords On The Baritone Ukulele Mike Johnson Sanctuary
BRING HANDOUTS FROM LAST MONTH. We will explore the beauty of chords working together to make music. We’ll learn which chords work well together in various keys. We’ll learn what it means to play a I, IV, V or a I, vi, IV, V chord progression. Lots of playing to get comfortable with common chord progressions. Handouts will be provided. All baritone players are welcome.

*Song Circle Session Patricia, Terri and Debbie Social Hall
We will be singing familiar Folk Songs this time around. And remember, If you don’t know some of the chords, just sing louder! Click on the Attachment for the song book. Either download on your device or print copies for yourself. There will be a limited number available for $3.00.

12:30-1:00 Registration
1:00-1:15 Welcome Sing Along / Orientation Social Hall 1:15-2:15Class Instruction:
*Beginning Ukulele 101 Walter Vaux Board Room
Walter’s class is for beginners, those who have never played a ukulele or for those who want a basic brush-up. Walter will take you through how to hold the ukulele,
how to strum, and how to play some easy chords. At the end of the session, you will be able to play several songs and play them well. We have loaner ukes.
Be sure to arrive ten minutes early for tuning.
It really helps to have closely trimmed fingernails

*Beginning Ukulele 102 Ron Rivas Sunday School Room
Ron picks a series of tunes that will help you build your skills and confidence playing in the keys of F, C, G, D, and A. Most of the tunes will be out of the yellow Daily Uke book.

*Intermediate Ukulele 103 Geoff Fong Sanctuary
This class is tailored for the intermediate player. Most offerings at the workshop are geared towards people who know more than a few chords, and are capable of changing chords smoothly and in rhythm. Chords like C – Am – F – G7 – C. We will learn the damping technique that is essential to creating the swing rhythm and rhythm n’ blues. In addition, we will discuss holding the instrument, barre chords, moving up the neck and creating efficiency while playing. Tweak your skills while having lots of fun!!! Come join us!

*Intermediate/Advanced 104 Mike Johnson Social Hall
Early Pop Standard and Jump Blues: We will focus on a great early pop standard from 1924 with a subtle tweak to the chord progression that makes the song unique and fun to play. We’ll also work on a really cool tune written in 1946 categorized nowadays as a jump blues song. This type of song was the link between the blues and classic rock and roll. Handouts will be provided for GCEA and DGBE tuned ukes. This class is for intermediate and advanced players who can confidently change chords in major and minor keys.

2:15-2:30 Refreshments/Schmooze
The kitchen is open and we will have coffee and hot water. Those whose last name begins with S through D are asked to bring refreshments. Finger
foods only, please. Thank you…

2:30-3:00 Class Presentations and Singalongs the Yellow Book
288 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
59 Danny Boy
140 Jambalaya

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